Pinnacle Hospice Services Pittsburgh

The goal of hospice care is to provide terminally ill patients with customized resources and support needed to continue an alert, comfortable/pain-free life, while managing other symptoms, so the patient’s last days are met with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones.

Pinnacle Hospice was founded in 2019.We provide state-of-the-art hospice care for patients in their actual dwellings or nursing homes or assisted living apartments. For urgent needs in the home, our on-call staff can be available 24-hours a day.

Our hospice care team consists of:

Medical Director


Nursing Assistants

Social Workers

Spiritual Care Providers

Bereavement Counselors/Coordinators


Patient Eligibility for Hospice Care

A patient is eligible to obtain hospice care when it’s determined that a cure for the patient is not possible and the main concern of the patient and their family is patient comfort and quality of life. Hospice care is often selected by patients who no longer wish to remain in the hospital and would prefer to spend their time at their home with loved ones.

You will be under our medical director's coordination of care

You will be provided with the medications related to your terminal illness

We will also provide and coordinate the necessary medical equipment and supplies

We also offer respite care, which is short-term relief for your main caregiver so they may rest and take a break for themselves. Respite care can be provided in your home and at our contracted facilities

We provide expert assistance in determining the patient's insurance coverage. We recognize you have a lot on your plate and our coordinator will help make this process easy and efficient

We Provide Comprehensive Hospice Care Services

We care for our patients with compassion and a commitment dedicated to bringing the highest quality of hospice care helping our patients and their families through this very difficult time.

Pinnacle Hospice Services include:

A hospice medical director with expertise in pain management

A caring coordinator who will explain Pinnacle Hospice Care Services

Comfort medications with instructions available upon admission

Continuous care in the home for symptom management

A nursing staff experienced in hospice and palliative care

Nurse visits in the home, as needed and scheduled

Nursing aides available to help with daily personal care needs

Professional staff on-call 24-hours

Ordained chaplain

Social worker experienced in hospice and palliative care

Bedside vigil volunteers

Experienced bereavement counselor

Unlimited bereavement support for the family

Local, community-based staff

Pinnacle Hospice Care’s patients are free to end their hospice care at anytime. There are instances where a patient’s health may stabilize and the patient and family decide they no longer need hospice services.

We Honor Veterans Partner

We Honor Veterans is a nationally recognized program supported by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association. The We Honor Veterans program is designed to recognize and support all of our veterans and to educate our staff and communities about the special needs of veterans. Pinnacle Hospice is a proud to be a recognized partner of this program.

Hospice Programs

Pinnacle Hospice is focused on delivering exceptional hospice care and comfort for our patients, caregivers and family members. We provide the services listed below.

Bereavement Services

Our Pinnacle Hospice Bereavement support services are available through the entire hospice experience and after. We know many times that grief begins with the diagnosis and while your journey is most likely filled with hard work, loneliness and sadness, please know that there is someone at Pinnacle Hospice who would like to hear your story and offer you caring and compassionate support. Our support services are available to you and your family free of charge:

Individual bereavement support

Specialized bereavement support groups

"Coping with the Holidays" Programs

"Service of Remembering Your Loved One"

Quarterly newsletters with inspirational messages

Schedule of classes and bereavement support groups

Caregiver Support

Hospice care concentrates on the terminally ill patients and their caregivers. Besides the care provided to the patient, hospice also has a variety of ways of helping individual caregivers. We provide access to any of our staff if you have any questions or would just like to have a discussion. We have a library of articles and information as well as bereavement and caregiver support groups also available. Pinnacle Hospice is also committed to ministering to the needs of the hospice patient’s caregivers.

Hospice Aide

A Pinnacle Hospice aide is specially trained to provide personal care needs to the patient, including, bathing, shampooing and shaving as well as changing bed linens and other tasks. These services are dependent upon the patient and family discussed needs for customized care.

Medical Care

A potential hospice patient’s physician directs the care provided by Hospice Services. Accordingly, the physician may be the patient’s primary physician or Pinnacle Hospice’s Medical Director can assume these responsibilities.

Nursing Care

A Pinnacle Hospice Registered Nurse monitors patient’s medical needs, addresses concerns and efficiently communicates with the patient’s doctor and family to effectively manage the patient’s custom plan of care. Our nurse is available 24 hours a day, everyday to answer any emergency questions or concerns the patient or family may have. Many of our nurses in hospice services are certified in hospice care and palliative care.

Nutrition and Hydration

A clinical dietitian will assess special concerns of patients in either their residential center environment or at home as requested by the Pinnacle Hospice RN Case Manager or by a family member. Our dietitian will review the patient’s diet with the nursing staff to honor their food requests. Nutrition and hydration expectations and patient’s needs in end-of-life can continuously change and are unique to each patient. Our nurse and dietitian will closely monitor these ever-changing needs and adjust where needed. Menus for our hospice patients are planned and approved by our clinical dietitian.

Pain and Symptom Management

Symptom management for a patient is a critical concern of the hospice staff. The registered nurse managing the patient’s care plan will help educate the family and or caregiver on what to expect and watch for as an illness progresses. Proper education and administration of medications is also provided. Pinnacle’s RN is accessible to answer the family members questions about the medications and will provide additional education and support. Patient comfort is the key to every member of our hospice care team.

Respite Care Services

As with any care, the caregiver needs to rest and take care of their needs as well. To assist with this, Pinnacle Hospice Services provides respite care where a volunteer can stay at the home with a patient while the caregiver rests, runs errands or takes a moment to cope. Our respite care services can be arranged through our hospice nurse and is available for home patients up to five days per month.

Social Work Services

Our social worker’s role is to support hospice patients and their caregivers as they seek to deal with the problems affecting quality of life, dignity and care. The social worker will assess any psychosocial needs by providing information, counseling and advocacy. Our social worker is an essential resource and member to Pinnacle’s hospice team and community.

Spiritual Care

Our spiritual care coordinator assists in meeting the spiritual needs of all Pinnacle Hospice Services’ patients and family members. Spiritual care recognizes and respects the patient’s and family’s beliefs including their anguish. Spiritual care supports the patients and their families in their bereavement. It’s an integral aspect in the holistic care concept of hospice. Pinnacle accepts the uniqueness of each person no matter what their background, and observes everyone has a spiritual need in their journey through life.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator, along with our hospice staff, assesses the needs of the patient, their family and caregivers for our respite and support services. The hospice volunteer coordinator will assign volunteers to meet these specific needs. Our coordinator also supervises and arranges the training needed to become a Pinnacle Hospice Volunteer.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We know this is a very difficult time for patient, family and caregiver. We would like you to know Pinnacle Hospice is committed to supporting the community and doing our part to improve the quality of life for residents of Greater Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Altoona and State College, PA, regardless of their current stage of life.

For more information about our Hospice Services, please contact us at 1-866-933-6221 or contact us via email at: