What happens if a patient gets better on hospice care?

If hospice staff evaluates the patient is getting better over time, they will determine if the patient still needs and or is still eligible for hospice care. If the hospice medical director discharges the patient, hospice care will provide at least a two-day notice and transition period. This usually happens after meeting with the patient, family and the primary doctor. Individual state laws do vary on minimum time given for notice of discharge from hospice care services.

In the next step of discharging a hospice patient, the medical director will provide a written discharge of hospice services and a hospice summary including the symptoms, treatments including pain management and length of care.

If a patient wants to dismiss one self from hospice care, they must sign and present a written notice to the hospice care company. They will then need to sign a medical form from the hospice company that revokes the hospice care. This will include the end date of care.

If you do plan on revoking hospice care, here is some information to help you transition into another form of care:

Plan for your appropriate medical and health services that will be needed

Coordinate a patient care team and caregivers for transportation and daily care