Best Palliative Care Services in Pittsburgh

Our Mission and Core Values

We strive to provide the best palliative care services in Pittsburgh, Altoona, Johnstown and State College, PA communities. This stems from our mission beginning with our core values. Our team never loses sight of the person behind the illness and our goal is to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their family.

Our palliative and hospice programs are for patients with advanced illnesses. Our team of doctors, nurses and other specialists offer care that has been specifically created to meet the individual patient’s needs, providing relief from the pain and symptoms of their illness, and also providing support and guidance to the family.

We are a local company and as we grow our service area, we partner with professionals in other local communities who have the same mission and core values as we do.

Pinnacle Palliative Care. It’s care with integrity.

Family Correspondence

Dear Susan,
How do you thank such a compassionate person who has navigated a path that is so different for each person? I am so thankful for your help in realizing that there are different paths and life does go on.

I have never experienced grief as I have because of the virus. I had no closure. No family to see and visit to ease the pain and surely did not experience the utter loneliness I have enclosing my life. I do not know when I will feel like “Cindy” because I have taken care of everyone and forgot “me”. It will come. I will welcome this new venture and I will always thank you for being on “constant” for the last year.
God Bless! – Cindy

Hospice extended my mom’s life more than I could have imagined. I am extremely thankful for the care and support given by everyone.
– Jeff A.

You had all taken care of my wife before she passed away in April, 2019. Your staff was superb. All of my after-hours phone calls were immediately returned by Kim. Leslie was absolutely superb. I also appreciate Susan keeping in touch about bereavement. We all hung together and did the best we could to help her. Your presence made a difference. At first, I did not know who to get to help, but I’m quite sure I made the right decision to bring you all in. Wishing you all the best.
– Craig M.

I want to thank everyone at Pinnacle for providing around-the-clock hospice care for my father at the assisted living facility he called home. You provided the comfort and care he needed in the last stage of his life so he could pass peacefully. You have also provided a tremendous comfort to our family knowing he had the best quality of life possible living pain-free in his last days.
– Jim B.

Did the stars sprinkle light last night?
It was boldly dark because you were not here.
For a long time you have not shared the light or dark with me.
I am in a surreal bubble of life without you.
Awake or sleep, there is no real path or vision, but I exist.
When will the light flicker?
When will the darkness be lifted?
When will grief turn into shadows that fade into light and not be a shield against its brightness?
Perhaps today or tomorrow.
I know it’s a slow, winding path.
There are miracles ahead… healing… hope… and especially light.
- Cindy